Why You Should Use Modular Factory Offices for Sound and Environmental Control

Why You Should Use Modular Factory Offices for Sound and Environmental Control

The Benefits of Modular Factory Offices

Modular factory offices, also known as in-plant offices or prefab factory offices, are rooms that are installed within an existing building or warehouse to provide additional office space for personnel or equipment. They are most commonly used as break rooms, CMM enclosures, computer rooms, conference rooms, production workstations, and environmentally controlled workspaces.

Many industries opt for modular factory offices due to their versatility. You can install prefabricated modules near a facility’s main operations without causing operational downtime or slowdown of production. Prefabricated warehouse offices are also highly flexible and can be customized to quickly and economically respond to a business’s rapidly changing needs. You can easily expand them horizontally or vertically without the need for additional superstructures or mezzanines.

Industries also incorporate modular warehouse offices into their facilities to provide a common area for supervisors and employees to communicate and quickly respond to emergencies. By utilizing a central office on the factory floor, personnel can have a clear view of the facility and ongoing processes, letting them identify and respond appropriately to any floor issues.

Main Challenges of Modular Factory Offices

modular factory officesPrefab warehouse offices allow workers to be closer to manufacturing areas for increased workplace efficiencies and enhanced team collaboration. However, the environment near the main operations may not be conducive for a safe working environment. Depending on the facility, the industrial process may consist of several workplace hazards, including high temperatures and humidity, airborne contaminants, and excessive noise. Therefore, it is necessary for the environment inside the modular office to be comfortable and safe for the occupants or machinery.

In addition to workplace hazards, control of the environment is crucial for ongoing operations. For example, in medical and pharmaceutical labs, measuring equipment and testing specimen are extremely sensitive to changes in the environment. Unregulated temperatures, humidity, and airflow can result in contamination, inaccurate test results, and excessive operation cost and downtime.

How Do Modular Buildings Address Environmental Control?

Modular factory offices are highly customizable, and you can integrate several design features to maintain a controlled environment for the intended application.

For flammable environments, consider outfitting the offices with non-combustible wall panels fabricated with steel for full protection of the interior space. Other security measures also include laser protective glazing, blast-proof wall panels, and air extractor systems.

Noise is also a prevalent issue in manufacturing settings. Excessive and uncontrolled noise levels can cause personnel issues ranging from irritable workers to permanent loss of hearing. Excessive noises can also create an unsafe work environment by drowning out warning alarms or safety instructions. To address this, construct modular factory offices with specially made noise-controlling wall panels, windows, and doors.

For environmental control for clean rooms in medical and pharmaceutical laboratories, you can implement several temperature, humidity, and contamination control measures. In these cases, modular offices often have air handling systems and air curtains/doors installed where required. Other “clean” features include shower rooms, filtration systems, and chemical sprinklers.

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