Providing Safer Job Sites to Improve TRIR

Providing Safer Job Sites to Improve TRIR

Keeping employees out of situations that may cause them harm is a top priority for companies. A more secure workplace can lead to increased productivity, in addition to maintaining employee morale. There are several ways of measuring on-the-job injury rates, and one of the most vital is TRIR (Total Recordable Incident Rate).

What is TRIR?

TRIR is a mathematical function that is used to determine the injury incident rate of employees for a particular company. TRIR is calculated by multiplying the recordable incidents that occurred during a specific amount of time by 200,000 and divided by the total number of hours worked.

The final result is a number that can be compared to other companies in the same industry to gauge the safety level of employees. The type of industry will determine the average TRIR rate, with a perfect score being zero.

How To Improve TRIR

One of the best ways to improve TRIR is to ensure that employees are receiving adequate break time. Long hours and a fast workplace can cause employees to become distracted or careless, and this can lead to increased rates of injury.

Modular breakrooms and trailers allow employees a place to recuperate before returning to work. Also, having offices in place can help to open the lines of communication between employees and management, so that any safety concerns can be brought to attention.

What Are Some Easy Steps to Reduce Incident Rates?

There is a multitude of steps that businesses can take to reduce the total recordable incident rate. Perhaps the most critical step of this process is the education of employees. It is important that companies make sure that every employee has been properly trained and educated on hazards that are present in a workplace and how to prevent accidents from occurring. Properly functioning equipment is another vital component of workplace safety, and it is important that companies have strict equipment checks in place, so that faulty equipment does not cause worker injury.

As mentioned, communication is paramount in preventing injury, and supervisors need to ensure that employees feel comfortable bringing any issues or concerns to their attention. Also, these supervisors must be willing to enforce any safety standards that are necessary, to keep workers out of harm’s way.

Providing a safe job site should be one of the top priorities of every company. By taking steps to reduce the chance of injury, companies create a better working environment for their employees, as well as improve the TRIR. In the long run, this will result in higher profits and an increase in employee morale.

Learn More

The Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) website has a plethora of information available regarding workplace safety and the steps that can be taken to ensure a risk-free workplace. Click here to download OSHA’s Job Hazard Analysis guide and find out if your workplace or job site is taking the proper action to eliminate health and safety hazards.