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modular construction for business expansion

Using Modular Construction to Solve Business Expansion Challenges

When a business reaches the point where it needs to expand storage areas, employee facilities, or floor space, they often don’t have time to go through the lengthy steps involved in a traditional construction process, such as bidding, design, and many months’ worth of on-site labor. They need additional space as fast as possible – […]

Providing Safer Job Sites to Improve TRIR

Keeping employees out of situations that may cause them harm is a top priority for companies. A more secure workplace can lead to increased productivity, in addition to maintaining employee morale. There are several ways of measuring on-the-job injury rates, and one of the most vital is TRIR (Total Recordable Incident Rate). What is TRIR? […]

Modern Applications of Modular Structures

In recent years, modular construction technologies have risen to the forefront of the building industry. Modular construction offers several advantages over standard building methods, such as a decrease in overall construction time, a more consistent quality of build, and financial savings. These reasons have led many institutions to opt for modular construction when building modern […]

Laboratory workers

Modular Use for Hospital Disaster Preparedness & Response

There are few places that need to be better prepared for a natural disaster than a hospital. A lack of preparation or a slow response time could be the difference between life or death. It is because of this that hospitals need to have plans in place to deal the influx of patients that occurs […]