In-plant Offices

In-plant offices are versatile and sturdy modular buildings that can be used to incorporate additional workspace near your facility or plant without causing operational downtime or sacrificing aesthetics. These prefabricated structures can be used for offices, security buildings, break rooms, machine enclosures, and much more. At Speed Space, our in-plant units offer unlimited flexibility and can be customized to meet your specific needs. Our prefab buildings often ship in as little as three to four weeks and can be easily installed without disrupting your operations.

In-Plant Offices Overview

A modular in-plant office is a prefabricated office built from panels that can be installed within an existing manufacturing facility, factory, or warehouse. They are suitable for creating additional work areas, storage areas, shipping offices, observation rooms for supervisors, break rooms, and more.

One of the primary benefits of in-plant offices is their easy installation. Compared to traditional construction that can take weeks or months, prefabricated in-plant offices can be installed in as little as one day with minimal disruptions to your business operations. Additionally, since these structures are anchored to the floor and come with a drop-in ceiling, they don’t require building permits.

In-plant offices from Speed Space can be completely customized to your needs. They come in numerous sizes and configurations, allowing you to select the option that best suits your workspace. Other customizable features include electrical outlets, HVAC systems, and the number of doors and windows. This level of flexibility enables you to create an office space tailored to your specific requirements without compromising design or functionality.

The Benefits of In-plant Offices

Modular in-plant offices offer a wide range of benefits, including:

  • Enhanced productivity and communications — These buildings allow companies to more easily bring workers together. For example, some companies use modular structures to move engineers and operations employees closer to manufacturing areas in order to allow for enhanced collaboration and team building.
  • Cost savings — Modular buildings eliminate the need for costly renovations, as are often required by traditional construction methods, so operations can continue as normal. Also, because prices are set from the very beginning of the process, there’s no possibility of surprise costs down the line, as is often the case with structures built from the ground up.
  • Great flexibility — Modular construction can be used to satisfy many different needs in a range of industries and applications; if a space needs to be expanded, renovated, relocated, or even minimized, features can be reconfigured rather than completely rebuilding the space.
  • Increased workplace efficiency — Modular buildings are often installed in order to bring teams closer together and allow managers to better monitor workers and provide helpful feedback, thereby enhancing overall employee productivity.
  • Enhanced safety — Better employee supervision also means increased safety, as managers can more easily watch over employees, processes, and facilities as a whole.
  • Sound and environmental control — In some applications and facilities, noise control or isolation is essential for shielding workers from dangerously loud equipment or ensuring the comfort of the surrounding vicinity. Environmental control is also simplified, as modular rooms and laboratories can be quickly built to effectively regulate temperature and humidity while providing protection against harsh weather and other severe conditions.
  • Quick installation — Because in-plant offices and buildings are prefabricated in controlled environments, installation can be completed quickly and efficiently — generally in approximately four to six weeks from the time of initial approval. This, in turn, minimizes downtime, which maximizes savings.
  • Capital savings — In-plant structures are classified as equipment under tax laws, allowing for accelerated depreciation and significant capital savings.

In-plant Office Features and Options

Speed Space’s modular in-plant buildings are fully assembled, wired, and plumbed, making them an ideal choice for any type of indoor use. These buildings easily conform to any workplace environment and offer a sturdy, safe place for conducting business.

Our in-plant buildings are available in both single-and two-story fabrications and are expertly installed by a dedicated Speed Space team who will work with you to ensure optimal functioning for your unique needs. For instance, if you’re operating in a small space and require additional offices or control areas, a two-story in-plant office is ideal for expertly managing workflow and productivity. No superstructures or mezzanines are required.

We also offer a range of customizable options, including exterior siding (in materials such as steel, aluminum, vinyl, wood, stucco, and brick), interior floor coverings, and special features such as steel wall panels, security window screens, sliding pocket doors, added floor loads, custom counters and cabinetry, diffused lighting, intercom systems, and fire detection and suppression equipment.

Speed Space has more than three decades of experience designing and installing in-plant offices, all of which meet or exceed relevant state and national codes.


Services Construction, Delivery / Set-Up, Design and Engineering, Fabrication, Financing, Support Services
Exterior Siding Options Smooth or Ribbed Steel, Aluminum, Vinyl, Wood, Stucco (Brick or Special Siding Installed at Site)
Interior Floor Covering Options Aluminum, Carpet, Rubber, Tile, Vinyl
Applications Quality Control Booths, Transmission Buildings, Archive Storage, Weigh Stations, Supervisor Offices, First Aid Buildings, Security, Time Clock Stations, Engineering Office, And Many More
  • Pre-wired and Pre-Plumbed.
  • Easily relocate anywhere in your plant with a fork truck in minutes.
  • Commercial Structures’ buildings can be listed as an equipment asset.
  • No superstructures or mezzanines required.
  • Superior sound control between levels.
  • Can be used separately if required.
  • Commercial Structures’ two-story offices offer the maxim space for your growing needs.
  • Installed in minutes.
Interior Options Vinyl Covered Gypsum, Steel Wall Panels, Pass Thru Windows, Security Window Screens / Bars, Sliding Pocket Doors, Vinyl Base, Added Floor Loads, Custom Counters and Cabinetry, Diffused Lighting, Special Electrical Components, Intercom Systems, Fire Detection / Suppression Equipment
Lead Times Delivered in as little as six weeks
Service Advantages
  • Comprehensive quality control inspections from top to bottom before leaving factory
  • State and third party approvals and inspections
  • State Seals
  • CSA International approvals
  • Engineer sealed prints
  • Built in a controlled environment
  • Use same high quality materials as a contractor
  • Drawings and specifications provided for approval before production
  • Priced far less than conventional construction
  • Shipping and set up provided
Compliance All of our buildings meet or exceed state and National codes
Industries Served Automotive, Contractors, Distribution Centers, Energy, Engineers, Manufacturing / Assembly plants, Military, Mining, Oil Drilling / Oil Sands, Prisons / Correction facilities, Recycling, Security, Steel Mills, Trucking, Universities, Waste / Sanitation

Applications of In-plant Offices

In-plant offices can be easily installed within existing commercial or industrial spaces, providing a cost-effective and convenient way to add office space to a facility or plant without extensive construction work. Common applications of in-plant modular offices include:

  • Environmentally controlled clean rooms
  • Machine enclosures
  • Plant supervisor offices
  • Shipping and receiving areas
  • Conference rooms
  • Production workstations
  • Computer rooms
  • CMM rooms/enclosures
  • Break rooms
  • Security offices
  • Storage areas

In-plant offices also provide a way to move engineers and operations employees closer to manufacturing areas to increase communication and exposure between important departments.

Consulting With Our Team

In-plant offices offer a simple and efficient way to add work areas to your existing facility. At Speed Space, we have over 30 years of experience delivering high-quality modular building solutions for various industries. Our in-plant offices are available with customizable options for siding, flooring, lighting, windows/doors, cabinetry and more, allowing us to deliver a solution that is tailored to your specific needs.

For more information about how our in-plant buildings can benefit your business, request a quote today.