Prefabricated Guard Houses

For 43 years, Speed Space has been a leading provider of modular buildings and offices for a broad range of industries. Each module is custom designed, engineered, and configured to meet your unique needs. Our prefabricated modular structures have been used as in-plant offices, locker rooms, medical buildings, laboratories, pump room enclosures, and much more…

At Speed Space, we specialize in the fabrication of portable guard houses. Our guard units are customized and fully outfitted at our facility to meet your stringent security requirements. These prefabricated guard houses have appeared in demanding environments around the world, including airports, military bases, prisons, construction sites, and industrial plants.

Common Challenges Faced During Guard Booth Construction

prefabricated guard housesPrefabricated guard houses are enclosures that house personnel charged with keeping your facility secure. These structures are placed in strategic locations and are typically configured to give occupants a 360° view of surroundings. Although the intention of these small buildings is relatively straightforward, their design requirements can vary widely depending on the application.

Several considerations should factor into planning, designing, and selecting an appropriate guard booth design for your facility. Some guard houses must incorporate special equipment such as gates, gun ports, or safety railings on the exterior or interior of the booth. Others should be designed with portability in mind, allowing the booth to move as your company grows. The booth’s appearance must also reflect your guard booth’s objective, whether it is to project a strong front against threats or a welcoming aspect for visitors.

The specifications required for portable guard houses vary by facility, as well. Guard booths in military bases, airports, and prisons should prepare against impacts from high-velocity projectiles and attempts at forced entry. Booths in hazardous industrial facilities require special outfitting to protect occupants from blasts or toxic emissions caused by ignition of flammable material, rupture of pressure vessels, or other potential workplace hazards.

Modular construction of prefabricated guard booths allows you to specify the precise features needed for the facility. Because modularly constructed booths are highly customizable, managers can choose to install or forgo features, such as fixtures, plumbing, and HVAC systems, according to the needs of their facility upfront, allowing complete pre-manufactured structures to be built to their specifications with no surprise costs. This differs from the one-size-must-fit-all approach of conventional construction, whose style of manufacturing from the ground up often prevents guard booths from efficiently adapting to the needs of your facility and are not easily relocated.

The Benefits of Working with Speed Space

Speed Space draws on over 43 years of industry experience to deliver customizable, fully fabricated, and secure guard booths to your facility. We engineer blast-resistant and bullet-resistant modules, including wall panels, roofing, windows, flooring, and backup systems, to offer complete protection for your security personnel.

Our prefab security booths can withstand blasts of up to 10 psi and are built to operate in Class Divisions 1 and 2 and Group A–G explosive environments. Our bulletproof buildings also protect occupants from attacks by handguns and automatic assault weapons in accordance with ballistic limits stipulated by the MIL-STD-622F and MIL-P-26593A military specifications. Additionally, we build all our portable guard booths to comply with the latest UBC/IBC, National Electric Code, and Indiana Fire Prevention and Building Safety Commission specifications, securing your facility from both external threat and internal malfunction.

To learn more about our security structures and how you can use them in your facility, contact the support team or request a quote today.