Portable Locker Rooms, Restrooms, & Showers

Modular Restrooms, Locker Rooms & Shower Facilities

Portable locker rooms, bathrooms, and shower facilities from Speed Space are built to industrial standards and can meet any requirements you may have. They are delivered to your facility pre-wired and pre-plumbed, eliminating setup time and delivering a quick solution to your modular needs.

Crafted using 6” Steel tube frame, floor joists 12” O.C., industrial flooring, and 29 gauge steel siding, these structures can withstand years of industrial abuse. An array of options are available including, handicap washrooms, showers, urinals, steel privacy partitions, lockers and benches, and upgraded wall coverings. Our facilities also feature vapor-proof lighting, custom locker units, and commercial-grade flooring for a superior look and enhanced comfort.

At Speed Space, we build aesthetically appealing restroom, locker rooms, and showers without making disruptive changes to your existing facilities. Plumbing facilities can be constructed in modular, mobile, forklift, or crane-set designs that comply with all industrial standards. Speed Space designs these structures to meet the requirements of any company with both temporary and permanent models.

Our buildings are easy to relocate to different areas of your facility, and they are easy to clean and maintain. Made from durable, high-quality materials, you can be assured that from the plumbing and electrical systems to the lighting, flooring, and fixtures, your Speed Space restroom, locker, shower, and break room facilities will consistently provide you and your staff that meet all workplace safety requirements and exceed expectations for comfort and practical design.

Prefabricated, portable locker rooms, restrooms, showers, and break rooms by Speed Space undergo comprehensive quality-control inspections prior to delivery. Your satisfaction is always guaranteed.

See the difference these superior-designed facilities can make and how they can enhance the overall environment of your worksite — contact us today!


Services Construction, Delivery / Set-Up, Design and Engineering, Fabrication, Financing, Support Services
Shower/Washroom/Restroom Construction Options Permanent, Temporary
Interior Options Benches, Communal Showers, Copper Water lines, Custom Cabinetry and Counter Tops, Custom Fixtures, Exhaust Fans, Fresh Water Tanks, Glass Front Shower Doors, Liquid Soap Dispenser, Low Flow Commodes, Multiple Lavatory Stations, Multiple Locker Units, Safety Glass Mirror, Self Contained Plumbing, Steel Privacy Partitions, Urinals, Vapor Proof Lighting
Features Pre-wired and Pre-Plumbed, Economical and Aesthetically Appealing, Handicap Accessibility, HVAC Systems, Water-saving Devices, A variety of floor plan and custom options
Applications Amusement Parks, Campgrounds, Public Functions, Municipal and Large Sporting Events, Construction Sites, Rest Stop Areas, Employee Facilities
Exterior Siding Options Steel, Aluminum, Vinyl, Wood, Stucco (Brick or Special Siding Installed at Site)
Interior Floor Covering Options Anti-Slip Covering, Ceramic Tile, Commercial Grade Vinyl, Tile
Lead Time Delivered in as little as six weeks
Service Advantages
  • Comprehensive quality control inspections from top to bottom before leaving factory
  • State and third party approvals and inspections
  • State Seals
  • CSA International approvals
  • Engineer sealed prints
  • Built in a controlled environment
  • Use same high quality materials as a contractor
  • Drawings and specifications provided for approval before production
  • Priced far less than conventional construction
  • Shipping and set up provided
Compliance All of our buildings meet or exceed state and National codes
Industries Served Stadiums, Distribution Centers, Energy, Manufacturing / Assembly plants, Military, Mining, Oil Drilling / Oil Sands, Prisons / Correction facilities, Private School, Public School, Recycling, Security, Steel Mills, Trucking, Universities, Waste / Sanitation