The Different Types of Modular Construction

The Different Types of Modular Construction

From weather to vandals, a traditional outdoor construction site comes with a lot of uncertainty. Today’s builders are looking for ways to increase productivity while cutting down on costs and unexpected delays, and modular construction is the answer. Modular construction allows for buildings to be constructed under controlled circumstances, speeding up the process while maintaining high standards for safety, appearance, and more.

What is Modular Construction?

Modular buildings are constructed at a permanent facility and assembled at the on-site at building’s location. The manufacturing plant provides controlled conditions, a comfortable working environment, and easy access to the required materials, which allows the modules to be built more quickly while meeting building codes and regulations—all without sacrificing quality standards.

Types of Modular Construction

There are two primary types of modular construction: permanent and temporary. Modular construction companies often specialize in one or the other.

Permanent Modular Construction

Permanent modular construction, or PMC, is used for turn-key solutions, supplements to site-built projects, and additions to existing homes, office complexes, and more. With lean manufacturing techniques, sustainable methods and materials, and innovative engineering, PMCs can be delivered with all electrical, plumbing, fixtures, and finishes in less time than it takes to construct a building on-site.

Temporary Modular Construction (Relocatable Buildings)

Relocatable buildings, or RB, can be transported and reused or repurposed at different sites. Just like a permanent building, they’re built according to codes and regulations and are commonly used for a variety of purposes:

  • Construction site offices
  • Medical clinics and labs
  • Sales centers
  • Schools
  • Sleeping quarters
  • Worker housing for remote job sites
  • Ticket booths
  • Shelters in disaster areas
  • Bathrooms and locker rooms for sporting events, festivals, or concerts

Easy to build, easy to move, and easily reconfigured at a low price point, RBs are an affordable, flexible space solution in many industries.

Benefits of Modular Construction

Modular construction is good for the builders, the client, and even the neighborhood where the building will stand:

  • Efficient: Modular construction saves time because the builders aren’t at the mercy of the weather. Because the building is constructed in a controlled environment, it can proceed according to plan no matter what is going on outside. Modular buildings can often be built about 50 percent faster than a traditionally constructed building.
  • Off-Site Construction: In addition to eliminating the risk of weather delays, off-site construction is less disruptive for the neighborhood. Any noise, street closures and detours, construction traffic, and dust are condensed into the small time frame required to install the modules.
  • Eco-Friendly: Modular buildings use recycled and eco-friendly materials, and because of the controlled construction process, there is less waste.
  • Attractive Design: The architects use high-quality materials, creative solutions, and customized designs to create functional, attractive modular buildings.
  • No Material Storage: On a traditional construction site, materials need to be securely stored to prevent theft or damage. This is an additional cost and hassle that can be eliminated by constructing buildings at a permanent, secure facility that already has all the necessary storage space.
  • Lower Labor Costs: Modular construction is faster, which reduces the cost of labor.
  • Reduced Waste: Controlled conditions allow for precise use of materials, reducing waste and loss.

Why Choose Speed Space For Modular Construction Services

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