Modular Commercial Construction

Speed Space is a modular construction expert. With over 30 years of experience in modular commercial construction projects, our modular buildings can be found in a wide range of commercial operations, meeting needs both big and small.

Modular Construction for Commercial Projects

With modular construction materials and principles, commercial construction projects take less time to finish. Our modular buildings can be easily relocated indoors or outdoors using forklift trucks. Because modular buildings are customizable, they arrive completely built and ready for use with professional interior décor, electrical wiring, lighting, and plumbing specifically suited to your operation.

Speed Space’s modular commercial construction practices can easily address your expansion requirements, even with limited floor space, because modular buildings can be stacked to take advantage of unused vertical space. Our buildings also offer superior sound control to ensure external sound from loud operations doesn’t impact employees. If operational needs change, modular structures can also later be used as separate single-story buildings.

Modular commercial construction is also environmentally sustainable compared to other construction methods, helping corporate entities meet consumer demand for sustainable practices in the brands they support. They minimize waste, maximize usage, and promote reuse.

Commercial Applications for Modular Buildings

Modular commercial construction allows relatively easy set-up of commercial buildings of all types and sizes. The modular buildings that Speed Space manufactures are used for exterior buildings, custom buildings, and two-story, stackable buildings.

Our prefabricated modular buildings have seen commercial use as:

  • Guard houses/scale buildings
  • Retail warehouses
  • Single-story/multi-story office buildings
  • Restrooms/locker rooms
  • Conference/meeting rooms
  • Mail/receiving rooms
  • Reception areas
  • Pump/equipment enclosures
  • Cafeterias
  • Training rooms
  • Storage areas

Our modular buildings come complete with floor and roof systems, diffused lighting, interior receptacles, heavy-duty vinyl wall covering, and ⅛-inch industrial floor tile. Options include heating and air conditioning, exhaust fans, steel doors, hydraulic door closers, and sprinklers, to name a few.

Why Choose Speed Space

Speed Space can deliver modular buildings customized according to your requirements in as little as four to six weeks. Durability is a hallmark of our modular buildings, as is our compliance to strict engineering and quality control standards. All of our prefabricated modular buildings meet or exceed national and state building codes, and can be claimed as physical equipment assets come tax time.

When it comes to your modular commercial construction needs, Speed Space takes charge of everything—from design and engineering, construction and fabrication, delivery/setup, and support services.

Through every step of the fabrication process, we verify the quality of prefabricated components and materials. By manufacturing these components off-site in a controlled environment, we are able to enforce strict quality control measures that enable us to guarantee high-quality modular commercial structures. Trained service personnel are available to answer questions or address any rare problems that may arise once construction is completed.

To learn more about our products, services, and capabilities, request a quote or contact us today.