Prefabricated Pump Houses & Equipment Enclosures

Whether used to contain and protect water pumps, generators, fire suppression or communication equipment, control rooms, or other sensitive machinery, prefabricated equipment enclosures offer unmatched flexibility. Allowing for reliable code compliance and optimal safety, these modular structures provide cost-efficient, versatile solutions for a wide range of applications and industries.

At Speed Space, all of our modular prefabricated enclosures are built off-site under expert supervision. Constructed to clients’ facility dimensions and requirements, our team keeps customers’ existing equipment in mind to ensure optimal design and functionality. Once completed, prefab structures can be delivered and installed quickly and inexpensively, minimizing disruption and downtime. We use UL-listed electrical components, and all wiring is prewired to National Electric Code standards. CSA compliance is also available upon request.

Prefab Pump House Options

Our prefabricated pump houses, in particular, can be built to a wide range of customizable specifications to reliably protect pumping systems and other vital equipment. Standard construction includes a 26- or 29-gauge exterior steel frame with forklift pockets for easy transportation, a complete floor with galvanized supports, reinforced walls, and complete lighting and electrical systems.

Beyond standard steel, material options include concrete, fiberglass, aluminum, concrete, wood, and bulletproof steel. For exterior finishes, we offer aluminum, fiberglass-reinforced plastic, painted steel, PVC, and vinyl. Various special features can also be added, including heating and air-conditioning units, corrugated roofs, stackable roofs, angled walls, sprinklers, ventilation, exhaust fans, automatic door closures and security systems, and a number of options for doors and windows.

Modular Pump Enclosure Protective Features

Speed Space’s prefabricated pump houses feature galvanized roofs to provide extra protection against the elements, reducing the risk of rust and corrosion. For areas where protection from harsh weather is critical, enclosure floors can be made with extra-galvanized sheeting, and glass windows can be double-insulated, allowing for reliable temperature control and preventing moisture damage. Humidity is further contained by vapor barriers throughout the enclosure, and 3.5 inches of insulation is included in all structures to regulate inside temperature.

For noise control, standard steel walls offer a 25-30 decibel reduction from outside volume, and additional sound-deadening materials are available if needed. Further options include baseboard heating systems, conduits for computer wiring, lavatories, tinted or reflective windows, carpeting or vinyl floorings, storage compartments, smoke and carbon monoxide alarms, and security windows. All prefabricated pump houses are prewired and ready for use upon installation.

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Our prefabricated pump houses and equipment shelters come with everything necessary for a quick and complete installation. Enclosures can be built with load-bearing roofs to stack on top of each other and maximize space, can be mounted on existing building roofs, or can be built with no floor and lifted by crane over existing equipment. Floor plans are completely customizable and will conform to your needs and expectations. Units can be built one at a time or in bulk, and can be made to attach end to end or side to side.

To learn how our prefabricated pump houses can help protect your vital equipment, request a quote today or contact the team to discuss your project with an expert.


Types Available Generator Enclosure, Industrial, Machine Enclosure, Pump House, Traffic
Materials Bulletproof Steel, Fiberglass, Precast Concrete, Steel, Wood
Advantages Cost Effective, Custom Packaging, Durable, Flexibility, No Floor, Pre-wired, Two Door Optionsl, Versatile
Finishes Aluminum, Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP), Painted Steel, PVC, Vinyl
Standard Features Complete Floor, Diffused Lighting, Heavy-duty Vinyl Wall coverings, Interior Receptacles, Roof Systems
Options Acoustical Accordion Doors, Corrugated Roof Panels, Exhaust Fans, Heating and Air Conditioning, Hydraulic Door Closers, Sprinklers, Steel Doors