Modular Construction in Security

modular security constructionA variety of companies and organizations, both large and small, have security requirements to keep their staff, facilities, and equipment safe. Security is an especially important concern for organizations that operate on large campuses or have expansive properties. Various security structures, such as guard houses, security checkpoints, security booths, and command centers all help to provide additional surveillance and security to a company’s property.

Each company and property is unique and therefore requires specialized buildings and structures to maximize the benefits of security operations. Modular construction is an effective way to build customized structures and to get them in place quickly and affordably.

At Speed Space, we hold more than four decades of experience building customized modular buildings and rooms for customers across the globe.  Our wide range of customization options allows us to create functional structural solutions for customers that meet almost any security requirement or safety standard.

Benefits of Modular Construction for Security-Related Projects

Modular construction is ideal for security projects because of its short construction turnaround. Modular security structures can be built quickly, enabling you to maximize the effectiveness of your security operations sooner. Having high-level, efficient security quickly is important for both staff and management.

Modular buildings are also extremely cost-effective, meaning you won’t need to exceed your budget in order to protect your staff and property. Additionally, because they’re manufactured offsite, modular security buildings won’t disrupt daily operations by creating a long-term construction zone on your premises. Since modular components are produced inside a controlled facility, modular structures also stand less chance of being compromised by environmental or other factors during the construction process, and offer superior quality control during the manufacturing process.

Our modular prefabricated buildings can come pre-fitted with plumbing, electricity, and HVAC systems to enable quick, efficient installation on your property—often in as little as one day. Your new security structure can be fully functional and ready for use by your security staff in very little time.

Types of Modular Construction Spaces Available

We understand that security requirements vary a great deal from place to place. So, at Speed Space, we offer a number of customization options in terms of materials and added security features to allow customers to build a tailor-made structure that fits their unique security requirements and standards.

Our security structures include modular guard houses, modular scale houses, and modular dispatch offices, which can be modified to suit almost any setting. We also offer a number of special features and materials to provide added measures of security, such as our blast-resistant buildings and bulletproof buildings. We even manufacture customized spaces for staff, such as modular locker rooms and modular restrooms.

Since 1976, Speed Space has been providing customized modular structures to customers around the world. With every project we take on, we’re committed to providing our customers with high-quality, cost-efficient, and timely solutions that best fit their needs and budget. To learn more about our modular services for security spaces, contact us or request a quote today.