Modular Medical Buildings

Traditional building projects turn your location into a construction zone and can take months or more to complete. Speed Space can design and construct modular buildings off-site and simply assemble them on-site for fast installation, a minimal impact on your business, and a more affordable price. Depending on your project, the full process could take as little as six weeks. Whatever your needs, modular healthcare facilities will cut the time to completion, reduce costs, and ensure your facility has the customized layout you need.

Benefits of Modular Construction

Temporary or permanent modular buildings offer numerous benefits that conventionally constructed structures lack.

Faster Construction and installation

Modular healthcare facilities are a rapid solution for any medical group wishing to quickly begin accepting more patients, set up emergency sites, and an array of other applications. Our crews build your medical modular buildings off-site and transport them to your facility for assembly, reducing the time to completion. Modular building construction occurs indoors in a controlled environment, minimizing weather delays and shortening construction time. Also, should you decide to move your modular structure later, we design them for easy portability.

Optimal Balance of Quality and Affordability

While modular buildings are designed to be portable and potentially temporary, they have the structural integrity of standard construction to create safe facilities for patients and medical staff. At Speed Space, we use only the highest quality materials, including stainless steel, fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP), and epoxy-coated aluminum, for our wall panels. Modular construction even has sustainability benefits as it’s compatible with eco-friendly materials.

The streamlined construction of modular buildings will also save you money without negatively impacting quality. Building the structures off-site for fast on-site installation reduces disruptions to your business and revenue flow and allows you to begin incorporating the extra space into your business sooner.

Customizable Options

Modular facilities are a highly scalable, customizable alternative to traditional construction, and you can tailor them to fit the unique needs of your application. They allow for flexible floorplans, individual or multiple rooms, and you can incorporate them within the inside of your facility or as external structures connected to or separate from your building. If your practice or clinic grows, you can seamlessly create additional space while matching the aesthetic of your existing medical office or campus.

As for the interiors, you can choose from the following customization options to add to your pre-plumbed and -wired medical and laboratory facilities:

  • Specialty CleanCote® and EnviroGuard™ panels from Citadel Architectural Products
  • Antimicrobial or fungal-resistant wall panels
  • High-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filtration
  • Air-handling systems with options for positive or negative pressure
  • Air-lock doors and air curtains
  • Dust containment cabinets
  • Wet or chemical sprinklers
  • Shower facilities, restrooms, and locker rooms

Types of Modular Healthcare Construction

The versatile nature of our modular healthcare facilities lends them numerous applications for medical practices and organizations. Common uses include:

  • Medical offices. Modular healthcare offices provide scalability and affordability when you’re looking to expand. You can customize modular medical office buildings or spaces to give you new waiting rooms, restrooms, treatment rooms, and office space for doctors and staff.
  • Urgent care clinics. These clinics are a popular alternative to working with a primary care physician. Constructing modular clinic buildings allows you flexibility in your exam room, nurse station, office, and laboratory facilities.
  • Hospitals. Hospitals will ideally grow as the surrounding communities grow. To save money for other vital concerns like advanced equipment and improved patient care, hospitals can quickly add modular imaging centers, intensive care and neonatal units, surgical suites and other procedure rooms, in- and out-patient treatment rooms, and physician offices.
  • Assisted living facilities. Like traditional construction, modular buildings can create comfortable, functional spaces for medical professionals and patients undergoing long-term care. They work well as patient rooms, nurse stations, and public spaces for dining or recreation.
  • Healthcare education complexes. Modular construction is ideal for growing medical education campuses. You can add restrooms and locker rooms, additional classrooms, staff offices and lounges, and more.

Modular Healthcare Construction by Speed Space

Whatever your application, Speed Space can help by designing, building, delivering, and installing your new room or structure to suit your needs and those of the patients in your care. For over 30 years, we’ve been assisting clients in industries ranging from healthcare and education to manufacturing and commercial business. We’ll combine our extensive experience and high-quality materials to create and install reliable, clean modular spaces that comply with all state and national codes.

To start planning your next modular facility with Speed Space, request a quote today.