Modular Laboratories & Clean Rooms

Modular Laboratories & Clean Rooms

Providing versatility, optimal security, and reliable hygiene, modular laboratories and clean rooms are used in a wide range of applications, including hospitals, universities, and testing facilities. Featuring state-of-the-art air filtration and climate control systems, modular labs can be constructed of various advanced materials to suit specific needs.

These prefab structures are flexible and economical, making them popular choices in medical research, environmental testing, pharmaceutical, biotech, and animal-housing applications, in particular. Capable of being designed to fit within existing lab or warehouse space, modular laboratories are built off-site, allowing for quick construction and installation with minimum disruption to critical operations.

Built for cleanliness and designed for reliable air quality and flow control, prefab labs feature smooth, impermeable internal surfaces, eliminating the risk of contamination in the form of dust, flakes, or corrosion. And with easily accessible surfaces and no hard-to-reach recesses, these structures are very simple to clean, cutting down on required maintenance time and labor.

Modular Lab Options and Features

Various custom options are available to ensure portable labs meet specific industry requirements as well as national and international standards. For instance, walls can be constructed from stainless steel, epoxy-coated aluminum, fiber-reinforced plastic, and various other specialty materials that eliminate the risk of mold growth. All-glass construction, in particular, allows for easy personnel observation. Further customizations such as shatter-resistant glass and chemical-resistant flooring are available as well.

Care must also be given to choosing an air filtration system, as proper air handling ensures that air is kept moving throughout the clean room and that no operations are compromised. At Speed Space, we offer positive- and negative-pressure air handling systems, HEPA filtration options, air curtains, fume hoods, both wet and chemical sprinkler systems, as well as air-locked doors and dust containment cabinets. HEPA air handling units can be mounted on the floors or roofs of portable laboratories.

Modular clean room and lab building interiors can be customized with furniture and optimized to accommodate specific lab equipment. Full washroom installations can be installed, and security and alarm systems can also be included as needed. Further options include computer wiring, air purifiers, baseboard heat, carpeting, built-in desks, closets, wainscoting, in-swing doors, and special floor coverings. Our engineers work closely with clients to create a layout that works for their unique needs.

Modular Laboratories from Speed Space

Constructed of stainless steel and other high-performing metals, Speed Space’s modular laboratories are built in state-of-the-art facilities under the supervision of expert engineers. This controlled construction environment — and the speed at which projects can be completed — allows for cost savings of up to 50% when compared to standard structures.

We’ve been creating modular buildings and offices for over 30 years for some of the largest companies in the world, and over 70% of new orders are from satisfied repeat clients. All units can be delivered in as little as three to four weeks from the time of order, and we work with you every step of the way to ensure optimal design for your specific needs.

Request a quote to learn more, or contact the team today to discuss how our modular laboratories and clean rooms can help streamline processes for your next project.


Capabilities Assembly, Delivery, Design and Engineer, Fabrication, Inspection, Installation
Applications Animal Housing Labs, Clean Rooms, Environmental Rooms, Microbiology, Paint Mixing Rooms, Propane Plants, Testing Facilities
Modular Building Construction Materials Aluminum, Steel, Wood
Wood Construction Materials No.2 Grade Lumber, Pine or Fir, Spruce
Blast Overpressure 5 psi to 20 psi
Ceiling Height
7' to 10'
Standard Sizes
Length: 8' to 40'
Width: 8' to 12'
Maximum Modular Structure Size
40' x 40'
Standard Window Size
46" x 27"
Standard Door Size
36" x 80"
Testing Capabilities FSP Test, V50 Test
Exterior Colors Blue, Brown, Gray, Green, Red, Tan, White
Interior Wall Coverings Beige, Calcutta Gray, Calcutta Tan
Standard Interior Floor Coverings Ebony, Nutmeg, Sesame
Options 8' Ceiling Height and Higher, Additional Doors and Windows, Air Conditioning, Air Conditioning with Heater, Air Purifiers, Base Board Heat, Built-in Desks, Carpeting, Closets, Computer Wiring, Conduit (EMT) Wiring, Custom Roof Decking, Double Story, Exhaust Fans, Exterior Lighting, First Aid Equipment, In-Swing Doors, Lockers, No Floors, Partitions, Phone Jacks, Roof Overhangs, Security Windows and Doors, Sliding Windows vs. Picture, Sloped Roof, Smoke and Security Alarms, Special Floor Coverings, Special Windows, Sprinkler Systems, Tinted Windows, Transformers, Venetian Blinds, Wainscot, Washroom Facilities
Lead Time Aluminum, Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP), Painted Steel, PVC, Vinyl
Lead Time 3 to 4 weeks from the time of order.
Special Exterior Options
  • Exterior with Hip Roof
  • Wood Exterior with Wood Mansard
  • Steel Exterior with Slopped Roof
  • Exterior with Slopped Overhang Roof
  • Brick and Wood Exterior with Shingled Roof
  • Brick and Steel Exterior with Steel Mansard
  • Fiberglass Exterior with Radius Windows
  • Meet ballistic limits under MIL-STD-622F and MIL-P-46593A military standards.
  • Explosion Resistant Structures are available in Class Division 1 & 2, Groups A, B, C, D, E, F, and G.
  • Built to uniform building code specifications (Can build to specific code requirements upon request.)
  • All electrical components are UL listed & all wiring is per National Electric Code (latest edition).
  • Buildings comply with the applicable rules of the Indiana Fire Prevention and Building Safety Commission IC 22-15-4-2.
Industries Served Automotive, Distribution Centers, Energy, Government Buildings, Manufacturing, Medical/Dental, Military, Mining, Oil Drilling, Prisons/Correction Facilities, Private/Public Schools, Recycling, Restaurants, Steel Mills, Universities